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Google denied Nexus One trademark

Google has apparently been denied the right to use the Nexus One trademark for its first mobile phone.

The Nexus One - which was unveiled earlier this year - is set to go on sale in the UK next month, but issues have now arisen over the name.

But this isn't a spat with the Philip K. Dick estate for once - it's the US trademark office that has got involved.

Apparently, Google filed the trademark in December 2009 - but it's now been decided that this conflicts with a filing by Integra Telecom from December 2008.

And as both work to provide telecommunications and transmit voice/data, you can see where the conflict arises.

No, it's a DIFFERENT Nexus

However, Google will surely claim that theirs is a phone and not a service provision - and on top of that the trademark is unlikely to be held in the UK as well, so we could see it named the Nexus One over here and something entirely different in the US.

Big G has six months to appeal the decision - and we assume it will - and can keep selling under the Nexus One name.

Remember, Apple was denied the iPhone trademark because Cisco already had it - it carried on using the name anyway and eventually settled.