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First BlackBerry 10 devices revealed

BlackBerry 10 devices revealed
Sadly no sign of the Bognor Regis or Stoke-on-Trent

The names of upcoming BlackBerry devices set to run the new BB10 platform have been revealed by the BlackBerry 10 Alpha phone.

Developers who attended BlackBerry World 2012 in Orlando last week were given a Dev Alpha handset to help them develop apps for BB10.

And developers have wasted no time in digging through all the code on the handset, with one dev uncovering a file supposedly listing the names of future BB10 devices.

London calling

The file (found by going to file:///radio/etc/sv.numbers in the browser) lists the names of 7 devices; Nevada, Winchester2, Colt, London, Blackforest, Nashville, Naples.

Some of the names are new, but we first heard rumours of the BlackBerry London back in November last year, and we got wind of the BlackBerry Colt all the way back in August.

It's thought that Blackforest is the codename for a 10-inch PlayBook, and the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook, which will arrive later this year, is expected to use the Winchester2 moniker.

We'll keep our eyes and ears open for news surrounding any of these codenames. Are you looking forward to the BlackBerry 10 handsets and should RIM stick with the location based names? Let us know in the comment box below.

From OSBB via N4BB