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AirSync and doubleTwist offer wireless iTunes syncing for Android

Free your Android phone from wires
Free your Android phone from wires

If you're an Android user and are fed up with the wires when synchronising media - we've got good news for you.

AirSync has been added to the free doubleTwist media player, allowing you to copy media across without the need for a wire whenever the phone and PC or Mac are within range of each other.

Users will have to pay for the privilege, with the AirSync costing 64p to install for the first 10,000 buyers, but that's a small price to pay for having the coolness of wireless syncing.

Early bugs

You'll need to set up a passcode to pair the two, but after that it should be pretty straightforward. Engadget is reporting a few early bugs in the system: you'll need a fresh copy of all your media, and the synchronisation can be slow.

You'll also need to refrain from listening to music at the same time, as this can ruin things wirelessly.

But it's still ridiculously cool, and we love a world without wires - so let's just hope this is the first step on a quick journey to proper wireless Android synchronisation.

Via Engadget