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Orange unveils 60 hi-def mobile channels

Orange TV coming in France via the LG Secret
Orange TV coming in France via the LG Secret

We've all been there, peering at a low-res, small screened-image on our mobile phone, desperate to embrace digital convergence. Well, Orange thinks that mobile TV is still the future, as it plans to unveil 60 mobile HD channels in France.

While this might only be of interest to the Francophilic among you at the moment, the rest of Europe is quickly jumping on the mobile TV bandwagon, with a special digital frequency rolling out over the continent.

However, Orange is not only going to bring mobile TV to the French, but 60 channels in high definition too, brought by the power of 3.5G rather that linking into a digital TV signal.

Apparently this means you can "flick from one channel to another and to consult a guide to programs showing on each channel"... so much like TV there then.

Channel surfing

Apparently the first handset to be compatible with Orange's TV Player application is the LG Secret KF757, although the service can currently be accessed via the Sony Ericsson G705u. So if you've got that handset and love roaming charges with a passion, then head on over the Channel.

Oh, and here's a quote to tickle your fancy from the longest-title-in-the-world Roaul Roverato, Executive Vice-President in charge of the new growth businesses Division at Orange:

"For example in France, 40% of mobile TV usage is enjoyed at home and this trend is growing, with over 58% of customers accessing video on demand (VoD) services and 32% watching live TV when at home."

Erm, mobile TV at home? There's a much bigger magic window that sits in the lounge for most people... or are we missing something?

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