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Google Maps' Streetview comes to mobiles

Google Maps for Mobile with Streetview
Google Maps for Mobile with Streetview

Google Maps has been updated to include the Streetview option, so if you get lost in the middle of Southampton and need to know what the road you're trying to find ACTUALLY looks like, you're in luck.

The new update also includes an option for walking directions, which makes a huge amount of sense given that most people don't check their mobile phone maps in the car.

BlackBerry, LG and Apple

BlackBerry users will be thrilled to note they too can download the 2.3.1 version of the software, though the LG Viewty we have in the office simply refuses to update the Google Maps application for some reason.

If you're interested, of course. If you don't care about either of those brands then you can just skip that last paragraph. Though for BlackBerry users, the GMM icon has gone higher-res... it's not all bad.

Oh... and it doesn't work on the iPhone apparently. But then again, we have been reliably informed from our Editor that the iPhone Maps application is so amazing anyway it doesn't matter. Though there's a chance he's been brainwashed by iPhone-itis, so we can't be sure...

Anyway, head on over to if you want to get an update.