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EE is selling more Eagles than iPads

EE's selling more Eagles than iPads
The Eagle has given EE wings

Financial results are generally pretty dull affairs, but hidden within EE's latest set was a little nugget on its tablet sales, and it's not great news for the iPad.

EE currently offers a fleet of iPads (including the new iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2) as well as slates by Sony, Samsung, Google, Alcatel and its own brand Eagle.

And it's the own-brand EE Eagle (made by Huawei) which seems to be the favourite among customers.

A new number one

The network has seen "strong demand for EE branded devices, with the EE Eagle the company's number one selling tablet in Q3."

Apple has already announced that it's seen a drop in iPad sales, and with EE's budget bird outselling the highly rated slates from Cupertino it shows consumers aren't willing to bow down to high prices (or trade in old iPads for new ones).