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Google Buys 3D multitouch control tech specialist

Google buys 3D multitouch control tech specialists BumpTop
Google buys 3D multitouch control tech specialists BumpTop

Google has purchased 3D desktop software developers BumpTop, makers of an innovative touchscreen control system that works on both Windows PCs and Macs.

You can see a video demo of how BumpTop works below this news update.

It essentially lets you move around all of the files and folders and desktop shortcuts on your screen with your fingers much easier than ever before.

3D Android tablets

Rumours of BumpTop being bought out by Google were first confirmed by TechCrunch. And it clearly indicates an interesting new move for Google, what with the massive potential for these types of touch-based control technologies on the iPad, tablet PCs and other new touchscreen devices.

The mere idea of an Android-based tablet PC that runs this type of desktop control set-up is one that immediately seems to make a lot of sense.

At this point, Google is keeping further details about its plans for 3D touchscreen control with BumpTop's tech close to its chest. For now, check out this video demo for a taster of the future of touch-control.

Via Fast Company