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Zuckerberg: Google+ proves we're right about social's future

Zuckerberg - on the right track
Zuckerberg - on the right track

At the launch of Facebook and Skype's new video calling service, Mark Zuckerberg talked briefly about Google+ and believed that its existence backed up his view that social is indeed the future of the web.

Google+ launched earlier in the month as an invite-only social network, with the service offering, among other things, video calling and group chat – two things that Facebook announced today.

Social is the future

Taking a question from Mashable about Google+, he said about the search giant's new service: "I have spent a little bit of time with the service, we all have.

"In terms of how we see the next five years about building these social apps, what you will see is a lot of companies using more social stuff and not just Google.

"Companies like Netflix, will start to try and build a social structure. I view this as validation on how the next five years will pan out."

It was revealed this week that Mark Zuckerberg is the most popular person on Google+ at the moment, although he has not yet posted anything on the site.