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Forgotify app shares the love with the 4 million never-played Spotify songs

Forgotify app shares the love with the 4m never-played Spotify songs
Christmas comes early for this lady

If you're giving your music away for free and not a single person on earth has listened to it, then it might be time for a career change. However, one service is holding out hope for Spotify's great unheard.

The Forgotify web app allows users to experience the four million songs (that's 20 per cent of the content library) that have a zero popularity rating on the world's premiere music streaming service.

The listener has the opportunity to share the song on social media in the hope that it'll garner a little more notoriety. After it's heard, the song leaves Forgotify and joins Katy Perry in the land of the listened-to.

Now if you'll forgive us, we're about to relax and tuck into some Unki Surat Jahan, by Mehnaz, from the album TV Hits Mehnaz. Whatever that is.

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