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Spotify: Apple rejection talk is rubbish

Spotify - still being vetted
Spotify - still being vetted

Contrary to reports, Apple has not turned down the Spotify application, with the music streaming company confirming to TechRadar that there has been no ruling either way.

Rumours have been circulating that the Spotify app – which would obviously provide opposition to Apple's iTunes store by providing streaming music to account holders – has been rejected.

Nothing in it

However, speaking to TechRadar, communications director Jim Butcher insisted that the rumour was unfounded.

"Absolutely nothing in it," said Butcher. "We're still waiting to hear back from Apple. Currently all quiet on the north western front."

Spotify's iPhone app, which TechRadar's review found rather impressive, was submitted to Apple back at the end of July.

The lengthy vetting process has, somewhat inevitably, raised eyebrows – with Apple already having to defend some of its decisions over the iTunes app store.