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Note-taking service Google Keep spotted in the wild

Google Keep

Google is looking to take on Evernote with its own note-taking application, Google Keep, which was spotted out in the wild on Sunday.

The elusive service was stumbled on by Android Police, which quickly nabbed a few screenshots before it quickly vanished again.

From what we can see, Keep will work in tandem with Google Drive, letting users create and browse through notes and web pages that they've "saved", creating a pretty hardcore web-collating tool and mega to-do list. We also hear that the service will have its own Android app.

Right now, it all looks very early-stages, so we're not expecting to see a proper launch any time soon.

Now you see it, now you don't

Keep was only in the wild for a brief period of time, but the service very much resembles Google Notebook, which got the chop in one of the company's spring "spring cleaning" culls.

Google's most recent cull has seen Google Reader get the axe, reminding us that nothing is safe on the Internet.