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Google's search hits new high as Yahoo drops

Google search - just getting stronger
Google search - just getting stronger

Google search hit a new high in the US according to the latest data from ComScore, bringing it ever closer to the kind of dominance that it already enjoys in Britain.

The figures show that Google picked up a 63.7 per cent share of more than 14.3 billion American searches in March, giving it a new high point for one of the most competitive search markets

With search on the up, Google is still battling hard in the US market against Yahoo, with Microsoft's search engine a distant third.

Yahoo drop

Interestingly, Yahoo's loss of 0.1 per cent of its share – bringing it down to 20.5 per cent came as Microsoft's search managed a 0.1 per cent increase.

In the UK, the figure for Google is much higher with Yahoo's market share significantly smaller and the likes of Ask and Microsoft search scrabbling for purchase.