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Google Maps for Android adds indoor locations

Google Maps
Google Maps adds indoor locations for Android

Google has updated its ever-popular Maps app for Android devices by bringing floorplans for a host of indoor locations.

Google Maps 6.0, which is a free update for phones loaded with Android 2.1 and up, will bring you intimate details of many shopping centres and airports in the US and Japan.

The location-based app works almost like the "You are here" directories you see dotted around airports and malls, which have confused the living daylights out of us since the dawn of conscious thought.

Google's iteration does so with precision GPS guiding your every step in the form of that little blue dot on the landscape.

Floor sensitive

Better still, the app is also sensitive to which floor you're on, so if you go up an escalator in the shopping centre, the list of stores will update. Likewise at the airport.

Some of the participating partners are The Mall of America, Home Depot, IKEA and selected Macy's stores, while airports in San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta are also on board.

The announcement on the official Google blog made no mention of when the new app may be rolled-out to other countries.

Via: Google Blog