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Sony unleashes HD streamer

Sony's answer to wires
Sony's answer to wires

Images of Sony's first-ever WHDI device have hit the web, showing a sleek black box that's packed with HD power.

Called the DMX-WL1T, two-piece system wirelessly chucks out uncompressed 1080i video and audio to a Sony DMex compatible Bravia HDTV.

WHDI (Wireless High Definition Interface) tech means that the uncompressed HD signal can reach to around 100 feet, so no matter the size of your house, theDMX-WL1T will work just fine.

Cutting cable clutter

The whole point of the DMX-WL1T is that it will cut on cable clutter – meaning no more unsightly cables hanging down from your wall-mounted Bravia.

All you do is plug in your HD kit into the WHDI device and it'll transmit all the data to your HDTV.

Because of this, there's four HDMI ports, plus a whole host of component video and digital and analogue audio inputs.

According to Sony Insider, the device won't officially be launched until this month's IFA, but the price is expected to be around £150 to £250.