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Sony launches web portal for PS3 Home

While Sony is remaining tight-lipped about the exact details of the launch of PS3 Home, the company has launched a brand new web portal for the PlayStation's much-anticipated 3D virtual social networking service.

Rumours and rampant speculation online suggest that the launch of Sony's new PS3 Home web portal will hopefully mean that the service will finally arrive before the end of 2008.

TechRadar suggest that you don't hold your breath, as Home has been delayed time after time since it was first announced at E3 many moons ago.

Come on in, see my pretend room!

Also, Sony has sent an additional 100,000 invites to gamers to invite them in to the latest build of the Home beta test.

If anything, we imagine that an open beta test that all PS3 users should be able to play around in should be up and running by the end of the year, if not the final bells-and-whistles service.

Meanwhile, you may remember that Google is set to close the doors on its own 3D avatar-based virtual world, Lively.