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Sony NGP UK release date: 11 November?

Sony NGP - your new Xmas present?
Sony NGP - your new Xmas present?

It's possible that those residing in Europe will be able to get their grubby mitts on a Sony NGP before the year is out.

This is according to MCV, who has speaking to "sources" about a Sony NGP UK release date and they have delivered with news that 11 November is being mooted as a probable launch date for at least one territory.

The assumption originally was that the first place to get the device would be Japan, but Europe may well sneak the launch.

PSP2 specs

A worldwide simultaneous launch seems out of the question, due to the amount of NGP's you would need to make to satiate demand.

The Sony NGP (it will probably end up being called the PSP2) is packing a phenomenal amount of hardware, which may not be up there with the pants-on-fire power of the PS3 but it does have an OLED touchscreen, a quad-core processor and it will have both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.