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Acer unveils world's first Android netbook

Acer and Android buddy up for world's first netbook
Acer and Android buddy up for world's first netbook

Acer has announced that it will be bringing the world's first Android netbook, part of the Aspire One range, promising a faster connection to the internet.

The company plans to bring the unit to the masses in Q3 this year, so if we squeeze our eyes shut and hope as hard as we can, it could even be here by July. But it probably won't.

Not only will this be the world's first Android netbook, but Acer has also pledged that "majority of Acer netbooks will also offer Android in the future."

Psychedelic fusion

Acer also believes that the netbook market, fused psychedelically with Android (we're trying to make it sound even more exciting), will "contribute significantly to the worldwide netbook market growth."

It's unclear how the addition of Android will offer a faster internet connection, but the company appears pretty excited about the prospect.

"Netbooks are designed to be compact in size and easy to connect to the Internet wherever you go," said Jim Wong, president of IT Products Global Operation, Acer Inc.

"The Android operating system offers incredibly fast wireless connection to the Internet; for this reason, Acer has decided to develop Android netbooks for added convenience to our customers."