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FTC still looking at Apple Google connections

Chrome - just one example of a Google rival to an Apple product
Chrome - just one example of a Google rival to an Apple product

The Federal Trade Commission will continue to investigate Apple and Google's high level relationship despite the latter's CEO Eric Schmidt resigning from the Apple board this week.

The US FTC had started to look at the fact that Schmidt was on the boards of both Apple and Google, two companies that are increasingly offering rival products.

Schmidt's resignation, citing Google's move into 'Apple's core business', appeared to have drawn a line under the situation, but FTC director Richard Feinstein has insisted that there is still an investigation needed.

"We will continue to investigate remaining interlocking directorates between the companies," Feinstein said, confirming that the two companies had been under scrutiny 'for some time'.


It is easy to see why there were increasing conflicts of interest between the two companies, who have shared a close relationship in the past.

For instance, the likes of Google's Chrome, Chrome OS and Android mobile operating system have direct competitors in the shape of Apple's Safari, OS X and the pared down OS X used in iPhones.

Via Reuters