Motorola Razr i review

Moto's latest handset has Intel inside and promises to take you to the edge

Motorola Razr i
i is for… Intel (probably)

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Motorola's done a good job with the Razr i. It's taken a line that refuses to die quietly, injected it with a little bit of pizzaz and thrown it right out there for all and sundry.

Is it revolutionary? No. Not in the way the original Razr was. Moto has almost exhausted the 'wow' factor there by releasing mediocre Razr phones over the years, so the Motorola Razr i has to work extra hard to get punters' attention.

And the Intel inside selling point isn't going to make that much of a difference to your average Joe Bloggs. That said, it has a very impressive specs list - and it's not too expensive. What's not to like?

We liked

The fact that you can expand the storage by up to 64GB makes this an attractive option. And it's an easy phone to use without too much customisation to confuse Android newbies.

Plus, it works well as a phone, with good signal, and provides you with a top notch, fast internet service.

We disliked

The camera performed well in good light, but we were left disappointed in anything other than perfect conditions.

The Motorola Razr i isn't an LTE handset, so when that starts rolling out on EE this year and other networks in a few months time, if you've signed up for 24 months, you may find yourself feeling a little cheated and behind the times.

Although Jelly Bean is now being rolled out, the handset still arrives running Android Ice Cream Sandwich for the time being, which seems a little lazy considering Jelly Bean is (sort of) made by the same company.

Final verdict

Would we buy the Motorola Razr i ourselves? No. But that's because we strive for the best specs around, and for us, that means phones such as the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X.

Would we recommend the Motorola Razr i to friends and family? Yes, without a second's hesitation. Because not everyone wants a phone that will drop the kids off at school, bake you a cake and give you a massage in the evening.

Some want a device with little pocket imprint, with fantastic specs at a reasonable - rather than stupid - price. And that's what you're getting here.

If taking photos is your sole aim or you're OCD about pixels, look elsewhere. But if getting a top smartphone that leaves you enough change left over for a cod and chips on the way home - and with a battery life to put others to shame - is your goal, then we heartily recommend the Motorola Razr i. Hello, Moto indeed.