LG Optimus L3 review

An entry-level handset that has a less than groundbreaking array of specs

LG Optimus L3 review
The L3 fails to ever get into its stride

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A handset that fails to ever get into its stride, the LG Optimus L3, although only an entry-level phone, fails to inspire or encourage continued use with a number of niggling issues given no hope of large scale success thanks in large to the decision to opt for one of the worst screens on the smartphone scene.

We liked

Compact and lightweight, in truth the Optimus L3 provides everything the first time smartphone owner needs, it just fails to push the boundaries or tie these features together in a seamless fashion.

With a strong, multi-day, battery life the handset's 1GB of internal storage stops over a number of its competitors and when packaged alongside a zippy 800MHz CPU makes a strong base level for a handset that could have been so much better.

We disliked

Hardly a springboard into the ever widening smartphone sector, the L3 sheds a bad light over many similar priced and highly impressive handsets with the device's screen a feature that, without the numerous other issues, could single-handedly reduce the Optimus' potential to its knees.

With a cramped QWERTY keyboard and a jilted user experience, there is little of the LG Optimus L3 that encourages you to push the limited potential of the handset, instead acting as a curiosity killer that will see many adopters forgetting about the handset's 'smartphone' tag and using little more than the phone and text features.

Final verdict

Although it is hard to overlook the loveable price tag, there are handsets out there will sub £100 stickers attached that overshadow the LG Optimus L3.

A stubby, plastic device that is certainly not a grower, the Android 2.3 device is to be quickly overshadowed by a number of rivals with its lack of future proofing to see it become a distant memory in a few short months.

That is unless yoo plump for the device and find yourself stuck with it for the next 18 months.