LG Optimus L3 review

An entry-level handset that has a less than groundbreaking array of specs

LG Optimus L3 review
The L3 fails to ever get into its stride

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Featuring a lesser version of the multi-tabbed, desktop-esque browsers found on the likes of the Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, the LG Optimus L3 boasts a more low-key, reduced feature option with a near WAP offering throwing you back into the mobile browser past and marking just a minimal upheaval on the feature phones that many first time smartphone owners will be accustomed to.

Enabling you to jump online via the standard Wi-Fi and 3G means, the latest Optimus handset does provide the option of truly portable browsing just in a less than groundbreaking, hardly inspiring manner that will no doubt deter many from making the most of their newfound online availabilities.

LG Optimus L3

With just a single pre-installed browser offering, you're forced to either opt for the stilted, and clunky basic Android browser that offers up to four tabbed pages, or turn their attentions to the Google Play store in order to download a replacement online enabling piece of software such as Opera Mini which allows as many as nine web pages to be open simultaneously.

Continuing the theme of moderate abilities let down massively by the hugely disappointing display, web access on the LG Optimus L3 is a troublesome affair with the handset's 3.2-inch TFT screen ensuring text is hard to read and heavily distorted, even when zoomed in. Somewhat unsurprisingly given its price point, text reflow is a no-no with a hearty amount of scrolling required to consume zoomed in content.

While 3G speeds vary widely depending on location and network provider, the handset's Wi-Fi connectivity options, once having progressed through a sluggish and fiddly setup process, are satisfactory although far from the speediest on the market.

Surprising simple and pleasantly functional, the handset's bookmarking features see an easy accessible button line up alongside the browser's URL bar with a simple tap all that is required to create, edit and access bookmarked web pages.