Toshiba says that the Toshiba AT300SE's battery will last 10 hours with video, 40 hours with music and an average of 12 hours in a scenario of 60% web browsing, 10% video and 25% left in standby. Nothing to get excited or annoyed about there, then.

Toshiba AT300SE review

Its two-cell 25Wh battery is par for the course for a 10.1-inch tablet, and we'd go along with that figure after using it for over a fortnight.

Toshiba AT300SE review

At one stage we managed to leave the Toshiba AT300SE idle for six days, with the Wi-Fi switched on, and there was still a good third of the battery left.

The 90-minute Nyan video forced the Toshiba AT300SE to 90% battery level, which compares positively to the Toshiba AT300's 88% result, and is a tad better than the competition.

The AnTuTu app test produced an average score of 13,095 for the Toshiba AT300SE.

Via the built-in browser, the SunSpider Javascript benchmark test produced a speedy average score of 1202ms, while the Toshiba AT300SE scored an average of 454 in the PeaceKeeper browser speed test.