Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 review

Logitech's Bluetooth speaker might be wireless, but is the sound toothless?

Logitech Wireless Speaker for iPad
Logitech's Bluetooth speaker is a good choice, but it isn't perfect

TechRadar Verdict

A good choice for a portable speaker, but not the best option around.


  • +

    Audio quality is decent even when loud

  • +

    Good-looking design

  • +

    Good range


  • -

    Some good competition is cheaper

  • -

    Rechargeable battery could be an issue for some

  • -

    Very little punch in bass

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Before Apple was touting integrating the AirPlay protocol into its iPad and iPhone range (and iMacs and, well, everything else) we got by just fine with Bluetooth, thank you very much.

While small AirPlay speakers are still few and far between, little portable Bluetooth speakers are thriving, and though Logitech is aiming this at iPad users with the name, it's just a standard Bluetooth speaker, so anyone can use it.

It packs a rechargeable battery, good for up to 10 hours of use, an aux-in slot for plugging in non-Bluetooth sources, and a mains port for charging.

Logitech wireless speaker for ipad

The front is all business, featuring a grille covering the drivers, and light indicating the battery level and wireless connection status. The back features a fold-out stand and a small receded area with the on/off button and two volume controls. The unit isn't super-light, but can be carried comfortably in one hand thanks to its concave shape.

Logitech wireless speaker for ipad

Getting it paired with your device is a simple matter: you turn it on and then hold the two volume buttons. It'll then appear as a device to pair to on your iPad, and away you go.

The range is good; we took about 10 metres from the iPad with two thick stone walls in between the devices before the music started getting quite stop-start. The general responsiveness and speed of the connection is great, too – music played instantly when selected.

We did have it mysteriously drop out on us after a period of time consistently when using one iPad with it, but it didn't have the same problem with others.

The sound quality is pretty typical for this kind of device. It's generally shallow and lacking punch, especially for bass, but there's plenty of detail, and it can go pretty damn loud with very little distortion, which is impressive.

Logitech wireless speaker for ipad

Available for around £80 online (with an RRP of £89), this speaker is more expensive than the likes of the Creative D100, which also offers up to 24 hours of audio playback from a set of batteries, which you can just change when they run out (at more expense, though).