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MyBook World Edition review

External storage that doesn't quite deliver

With the MyBook World Edition you may never have to leave home again

Our Verdict

Good, cost-effective network drive action, but the remote access performance is, unfortunately, too slow


  • Price

    Superb drive


  • Remote access

Thanks to the rise of network-attached storage and remote access, we need never leave work again. Now even when we're at home, we can share our work machines. A ghastly state of affairs? You be the judge. However, the My Book World Edition, the latest iteration of Western Digital's lush external storage range, aims to make this process so easy you won't want to stop there.

With a marginally stripped down version of MioNet's remote access software pre-installed on the drive, it's a doddle to set up. It makes this drive perfect if you want to share pictures and assorted files with your family and friends. You can set up sharing folders within the drive, and the software will automatically email the link to anyone you deem fit.

It all sounds fantastic really, and the actual network performance of the drive is solid, as you'd expect from WD. The only problem comes when you try and use the remote access functionality. Copying a 1GB folder from an office machine onto the network drive took less than four minutes and accessing the same folder from our drafty hovel across town was quick and simple.

But actually trying to copy the onto the machine we're customarily shackled to at the office took an eternity. Even opening a 5MB picture file was painfully slow. And we're talking existential pain here, not just a stubbed toe 'ouch'.

If you're after a network storage device you'll be absolutely laughing with the World Edition, as it's fairly inexpensive for its size at 26p/GB, and incredibly simple to set up. Still, it's the remote access features that are being shouted about and they just don't seem to cut the mustard.