A-DATA PD17 - 1 GB

Flash storage more compact than ever

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Our Verdict

A compact and convenient way to boost your storage


  • Light and compact

    Easy to set up

As Flash storage continues to get smaller and more affordable, the A-DATA PD17 (£22 inc. VAT) is one of the most compact and usable devices we've seen. Available in a choice of gold, red or blue colour schemes, it clips neatly on to a keyring or lanyard and offers up to 4GB of storage.

To protect the USB connector, it is fitted inside the tiny 36mm casing and extended via a siding switch. Weighing just 5g, this is one of the lightest Flash drives currently available. Compatible with high-speed USB 2.0 ports, even large files are transferred quickly and easily.

Optimised for Windows ReadyBoost, you can connect the PD17 to a Vista-powered laptop and use it to increase your system memory. With its compact and stylish design, as well as strong usability, this is a great little Flash drive for the mobile worker, and a reliable business tool.