AMD Memory Entertainment Edition 8GB review

AMD joins the RAM bandwagon

AMD Memory Entertainment Edition
AMD playing the memory game with Patriot

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    AMD-ready memory

  • +

    Some overclocking potential

  • +

    Low profile module


  • -

    Stock speed is nothing to write home about

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Yes you've read the title right, AMD has joined the memory bandwagon with its AMD Memory Entertainment Edition 8GB kit. Rather belatedly.

Well, actually for the launch of its AMD Memory branded modules it's cosied up to VisionTek and, in the case of the DDR3 DDR3-1600 modules we reviewed, Patriot Memory.

So the $64 million question is why AMD wants to get involved in the murky world of the memory vendor? Especially when some of the well-known players in the field, such as OCZ, have already jumped ship.

It's down to AMD wanting to be an enabler in driving down the total cost of its own platforms without sacrificing performance. Then at the same time having a foot in the door when it comes to developing memory products in the future too.

AMD will also test the modules "in-house" using AMD platforms, which is meant to give the AMD-branded modules a supposed advantage over the standard value modules offered by the more well-known brands.

But it goes without saying you can chuck this set of two 4GB AMD Memory Entertainment Edition sticks into an Intel platform if you so desire.

Currently there are three tiers to AMD's memory lineup; Entertainment, Performance and Radeon Editions.

The Entertainment Edition lineup consists of DDR3 at 1,333MHz and 1,600MHz CL9 latencies, in 2GB and 4GB modules. The Performance Edition has the same speeds but rated at CL8, and is available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB kits. The Radeon Edition kits, due soon, are the stuff for enthusiasts and overclockers, with speeds of 1,866 and possibly 2,133MHz.