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Asus Triton 79 Amazing review

Good looking cooling for your CPU

This compact Asus cooler was much quieter than the competition

Our Verdict

One of the more stylish cooling options, which has a lot going for it, but falls down on performance


  • Stylish build
  • Quiet
  • Compact


  • Not as effective as some rivals

Calling your special edition series 'Amazing' is potentially hubristic, to say the least.

Fortunately, Asus delivers on appearance - at least. Although similar to its older Silent Square coolers, with its fan in the middle of a large block radiator, it's immaculately turned out. Nickel-plated and packed in a luxurious box, it really is quite amazing.

Compact cooling

But is it any good though? On the plus side, it's smaller than many rivals and quieter at full blast too. It's also more than up to the job of keeping a quad-core chilled under load.

Ultimately, though, it's not as effective as we would have liked, although it is easy to fit. Given the price, it's one for those more concerned with looks than performance.

Test Results:

Full resource draw stress test: Prime 95: 54°C

Max load multi-core stress test: HL2 map draw: 59°C

Real-world gaming stress test: World in Conflict: 50°C

Idle recovery (1 min after stress test): Resting: 42°C