Samsung SyncMaster SA950 review

Is this the screen to win us over to 3D?

TechRadar Verdict

Some odd 3D problems can't stop us smiling when we look into this screen - and only partly because we can see our own reflection.


  • +

    Great design

  • +

    Gert large

  • +

    Comfy glasses thrown in


  • -

    Poor 3D depth

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If you want a beautiful screen for your desktop it's tough to look past the simply gorgeous design of the Samsung SyncMaster SA950.

Just look at it, tis a thing of beauty. And it's 3D-capable too.

But 3D is the unwelcome party guest of the technology world. Going from room to room, talking slightly too loud, sweating visibly and giving its phone number to everyone.

Journalists (including probably us at TR at some point) keep reluctantly saying 'like it or not, it's here to stay', but let's survey the landscape in five years or so...

Anyway, Here's a 3D monitor.

And if any 3D monitor can rise above that hostile introduction, it's this SyncMaster SA950 from Samsung.

That bezel design is so elegant you'd be hard pushed to find anything nicer to look at on the screen than the screen itself - unless your mate linked you to those naughty Scarlett Johansen pics.

The screen that makes this Samsung SA950 is a LED-backlit TN, which means it's extremely slim compared to its LCD-backlit cousins.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we think most would agree Samsung has done a great job with the visual design here; from the inputs placement to the asymmetrical adjustment arm, this monitor makes a strong statement.

Phil Iwaniuk

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