Gigabyte P35X v5 review

On the edge of 4K gaming

Gigabyte P35X v5

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The Gigabyte P35X v5 isn't the most noteworthy or even attractive gaming laptop in the world. But it packs a ton of high-powered hardware into a tight shell – at a more affordable price to boot. Battery life is stunning for a device of this size, and this is one of the first gaming laptops to come close to realizing the dream of 4K gaming on the move.

We liked

Spending over two grand on a laptop of any kind is ridiculous these days, but Gigabyte offers a tantalizing package with a hearty spread of high-power components. You won't find many gaming rigs equipped with an Nvidia 980M and 8GB of video memory, whether they're thin-and-light systems or those on the heavier side. What's more, for your money, you're also getting a sharp 4K screen and a top-of-the-line Intel processor.

Altogether, the P35X comes ready to play most games at low to medium settings (and high in rare cases) when you want the 4K experience. Notch it to 1080p, or even 1440p, and you'll be able put your settings all the way up, confident it will almost always run at a buttery smooth 60 fps.

We disliked

My main issues with the P35K v5 are mostly cosmetic. This gaming laptop could use a bit more style. As much as I like the minimalistic design of this machine and the MSI GS60, the overall body shape of the P35X lacks definition, save for its rear hump.

Add in a couple of sharp angles, drop the optical drive and put the power connector on the left side, and the next Gigabyte notebook could be the best high-performance gaming laptop in a small package.

Final verdict

The Gigabyte P35X v5 looks the part of an unassuming 15-inch laptop with a thin chassis, but underneath all its plainness is one of the most powerful gaming machines we've reviewed thus far. Having a full 8GB of video RAM on Nvidia's top end mobile graphics chip shows just how close we are to 4K gaming on a mobile platform. And when you don't need all the high-resolution detail, this machine can absolutely destroy games at lower settings.

One of the best things about the P35X v5 is how well value oriented it is. Spending $2,299 (£1,699, AU$3,599) with most gaming laptop manufacturers, like Alienware and Origin, would get you a system with significantly less graphical horsepower and likely a traditional 1080p display.

If you can get over the P35X's little flaws – and you can easily do so with a headset and mouse – this is a knock-out system for hardcore gamers.

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