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Evesham Voyager C545 review

A good mix of features, performance and build quality

Our Verdict

A good performer that gives you plenty for your money


  • Good value for money


  • Layout a little cramped

The Evesham Voyager C545 (£799 inc. VAT) offers Windows Media Centre Edition, a range of ports for connection to AV (Audio and Visual) equipment, and targets the regular consumer.

The 14.1-inch TFT display does without a glossy Super-TFT coating. Although bright, the 16:9 aspect ratio screen lacks the vibrancy of such panels. An Intel 945GM graphics adapter supports the display.

This is an integrated solution using up to 128MB of system memory, and is suitable for multimedia work as well as general office tasks.

The widescreen panel creates plenty of room for a good- sized keyboard, and the keys move with a quiet, precise action, making it easy to type at speed.

There's not much room for the touchpad, however, and it's easy to move the cursor unintentionally when typing. The chassis is constructed from resilient plastics, and all of the buttons are firmly attached. The C545 is a portable machine, with a 2.4kg weight.

An Intel Core Duo T2400 is at the heart of the Evesham. There's 1024MB of memory, and a Fujitsu 100GB hard drive. We found applications ran quickly and without lag, making the Voyager an ideal office companion. The integrated graphics helped the battery to last for 232 minutes, under test conditions, before needing to recharge.

Connectivity is the C545s strong point. Users will find DVI, S-Video and VGA-out ports to enable connection to televisions, projectors and external monitors. Gigabit Ethernet offers connection to fixed networks, and an 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi adapter allows you to take advantage of wireless hotspots.

The C545 offers more for your money many laptops these days, boasting a good mix of features, build quality and performance.