Eurocom D900C Phantom review

The fastest laptop we've ever benchmarked

Our Verdict

Its weight and battery life rule out portability, but the spec and performance are sensational for a notebook


  • Powerful spec

    Excellent performance


  • Bland styling

    Sub-1hr battery life

Given the Phantom's spec list it comes as no surpirise that this is the fastest laptop we've ever benchmarked. The combination of a 2.66GHz Core 2 Quad desktop processor with a wide FSB and super fast DDR2 RAM, rockets it through productivity benchmarks. It's sturdily built too, with adequate connectivity options, all housed within a neatly packaged, though black and bland, case.

But the Phantom's showstopper is its Nvidia SLI graphics performance. Its 3Dmark06 score is the best we've ever seen, while its 1920 x 1200 WUXGA resolution at 16:10 screen is as ruggedly built from premium components as any we've seen.

In Cinebench - a benchmarking app that invokes Cinema4D's rendering capabilities - it bettered the score of a Mac Pro. Even at low resolutions the Phantom doubled the graphics performance of Toshiba's Satellite P100-ST9772 and Dell's 1720 desktop replacement.

As can be seen from the spec list, the Phantom's other components are just as impressive. The premium 160GB drives spin at 72,000rpm - an impressive speed for a notebook, which through RAID striping is very fast indeed.

Even more impressive is the huge 8MB L2 cache. In a Photoshop scripting benchmark - which relies heavily on the combination of fast RAM and cache - it shot through in record time.

On the downside the Phantom's battery life is so feeble it failed MobileMark06 outright, and during a timed DVD playback managed a measly 52mins before packing in.

Sure, it's heavy, loud and power-thirsty, but it's also one of - if not the - most powerful notebooks available.