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Tucano Motion review

Comfortable and sensible travel partner for mobile computing

Tucano Motion
Small and perfectly formed... if you don't mind being a walking Tucano advert

Our Verdict

The score would be higher if it had a detachable strap and carry-handle option.


  • Comfortable to carry
  • Sensible layout
  • Reasonably water-resistant
  • Tough external material


  • Zip pockets catch A4 documents
  • Bag is also an advert!

These Tucano Motion shoulder bags are being sold in two sizes - one for a 13-inch MacBook and MacBook Air, and another for a 15-inch MacBook Pro. There's no 17-inch option.

We found our review bag comfortable to carry about, tidy inside, and well-padded. We didn't like the large 'Tucano' branding throughout, or the lack of a carry handle.

Comfortable, compact bag

Laptop bags tend to fall into two main categories: you get the business-like attache-style bags that look like modern-day briefcases, then you get the studenty messenger-style bags, all massive and flapping about. This bag sits somewhere between the two; it's a sensible layout but still has a youthful, flop-down closing flap to protect its innards.

It's comfortable to carry because it's quite a small bag, but has a wide shoulder band, so you don't get a lot of weight on any one part of the shoulder.

It's also weather resistant up to a point; the outside fabric is tightly meshed, nylon weave. A further layer of protection is provided by a plug-pulley that draws closed over the laptop compartment.

Well-made and tough

It's not waterproof, but can handle splashes and light rain. The main laptop compartment is very well-padded on all sides, particularly the base, which keeps its shape thanks to a strip of hard plastic that runs along the bottom of the bag.

There are two zip-locked pockets, one under the front flap and and one on the back of the bag, and ample room next to the laptop compartment for a power charger. Unfortunately the zip pockets are just too narrow for A4 documents, but the stitching is first class.

The price is average for a small laptop bag. If you don't mind the branding and only want enough space for a Mac, a charger, and maybe a small notebook, phone and iPod, then consider this one. It's well-built and secure.