Toffee Leather Sleeve 13-inch

Wrap your MacBook in luxurious leather

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Our Verdict

A bit too much leather for us, but if that’s your thing, feast your eyes on this


  • Stylish and looks good quality
  • Internal padding


  • £50 is too much for a laptop sleeve

Hailing from Australia, this sleeve is available in a range of colours and sizes. If you go to Toffee’s website you can customise the specifics. It’s quite a smart cover if you like your leather, and it has a simplicity that sits well with the look and feel of a MacBook.

The sleeve has internal padding and thick leather to protect your MacBook from minor knocks and scrapes. It wouldn’t provide impact protection if you dropped your computer on the pavement, but is that really going to happen?

Not a nice price

The only thing that’s annoying about this is the price. Fifty quid is twice the amount we feel is right for a laptop sleeve, and we expected a bit more pizzazz for this much money. Admittedly, leather is more expensive than neoprene and polyester, and that goes some way towards justifying the expense.

But overall it seems a bit of a stretch for a brand with little status to charge this much for a clean but basic design. This is a sleeve that’s resting too much on its leather laurels.