Hands on: PDP Afterglow headset review

Basking in the afterglow of CES

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PDP Afterglow headset

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Gaming accessory maker Performance Designed Products was present at this year's CES, and the PDP team was showing off the latest additions to their Afterglow line, which accounts for a major chunk of their business.

Most people are aware of their see-through video game controllers. But, showing the innards isn't just for show, it also illustrates how they use the best of internal components.

PDP now added headphones to their line-up. And, as expected, gamers will be the ones who will find them the most appealing, though they can be used by all.

PDP Afterglow headsets

First are their wired headsets; much like the PDP's controllers, they sport clear polycarbonate and exposed PCB boards. The feel is nice and comfy, thanks to the frog skin materials. They also are noise canceling and have a mic for in-game chatting.

Size may matter

There are two models to choose from but the smaller sized one has a number of distinct advantages over its bigger brother.

PDP Afterglow Headsets

Both the ear pad covers and even the plastic band that holds them can sport whatever logo or artwork a user might wish. Details are sparse, but in the future, users can expect to upload their assets via a website, and PDP will then mail the customized parts directly to the consumer.

PDP Afterglow Headsets

There's also the price: it's only $39.99. Though for a few dollars more is a second model that's larger since it's over the ear. It's everything described above, except for the obvious difference in design, a slightly larger price tag (between $69-$89, the exact amount has yet to be determined), and loss of customization.

More sound to go around

The headsets also delivers several different audio modes: The audio delivered in an untreated manner, adds oomph to the bass, and has surround sound. When tested, we were extremely impressed with the results, with each mode being distinct, with a preference towards the bass mode.

The headphones light up, much like their controllers. For the version that's designed specifically for the Xbox 360, the color is green. For the PS3 model, the color is blue. Though both will also work on the PC, Wii, or Wii U, as well.

PDP Afterglow headsets

But for those who want both those colors, and more, there also PDP's ultra high end, Prismatic Wireless Headset. It's everything that the latter wired headset can do, except instead of being constrained to just one color, it can display upwards of 14. Plus it's wireless as the name implies.

The asking price of Prismatic Wireless Headset is $109.99 and comes with a case. There are also two base colors to choose from, black and white.

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