Fujifilm X-T30 review

A feature-packed mirrorless camera that impresses

(Image: © TechRadar)

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The X-T20 was a popular model for a reason, and it's hard to see why the X-T30 shouldn't be destined for the same kind of appreciation. Whether you're an enthusiast looking for a backup body, or you're taking your next steps from a more junior model, the X-T30 packs enough under its skin to please its target audience.

The new sensor is dependable and the processor speedy, while the changes to autofocus and burst shooting (including the Sports Finder mode) may be less sexy on paper, but they're precisely the kind of things that make a difference to everyday shooting. It's also nice to see so many small things that tend to annoy on other cameras not being an issue here, which is testament to how thoroughly Fujifilm pays attention to details big and small. 

Video recording is another strength, with respect to both what's on offer – 4K DCI and UHD, F-Log shooting and so on – and the camera's output. If you're looking to get into video recording, it's hard to think of another camera that can offer quite the same comprehensive suite of options and quality output for this kind of money.

The fact that Fujifilm has managed to pack so much into a camera this small is impressive indeed, although size is also what works most again the X-T30. Clearly there's no space for sensor-based image stabilization (although you do benefit from this with OIS lenses) and the viewfinder's 0.62x magnification is easily beaten by even older, cheaper models.

There's also not much of a grip, and certainly not enough for larger-handed users or to provide enough support for longer and heavier lenses, and some of the controls inevitably end up being just a little too fiddly on such a small body. Ultimately, you end up coming away with the impression that, in order to make the camera as small as possible, usability has had to be compromised. 

This is a shame, as the camera is otherwise a stellar competitor at this level. With an excellent level of features for the price, great build quality and dependable performance in the areas where it matters the most, this is clearly one of the most capable mid-range mirrorless cameras on the market right now.