Typically, cameras with a "normal" ISO range atone for the missing feature atone by including an HD video mode, so it's disappointing to note that the Ixus 105 remains resolutely SD.

It's video mode is fine as far as it goes - 640 x 480 at 30fps is ok for grabbing a few minutes of footage in a pub - but there's no way of getting anything like cinematic results without a decent widescreen mode.

For that, you'll need to buy the Ixus 100, which is around £30 cheaper than the Ixus 105 and has a smaller LCD screen and shorter lens, but offers 720p movie recording.

No optical viewfinder

The influence of the outgoing Ixus 95 IS and current Ixus 100 are obvious on the 105. They're nearly exactly the same size (the 105 is 2mm wider than the 95, according to the specifications), but otherwise the gorgeous design - tapered, curved edges and a luxurious-feeling metal finish - has been wisely left alone.

The 105 doesn't have an optical viewfinder - a good decision given the almost useless size of the Ixus 95's - which frees up a little space.

The 105's display has grown by 0.2in, although the 230,000 pixel resolution remains. Otherwise the controls are neatly laid out and well-sized despite the 105's diminutive dimensions. Our only complaint is that the buttons at the top feel a little plasticky.