canon ixus 105

No argument: the Ixus 105 is a great camera. It's capable of taking excellent pictures, but its price at release - £190 - strikes us as a little high. For only around a tenner more you can have the Canon IXUS 120, which is nearly identically-specified but offers 720p video into the bargain.

We liked:

The 105's image performance is everything we've come to expect from Canon's mid-range shooters. Even at ISO 1600 it produces excellent results we'd be happy to print at reasonable sizes.

Noise reduction can be a little aggressive but things could be worse. We're also fans of the tidy design, good looks, and reassuring-feeling build quality.

We disliked:

At the moment the price is too high - the 105 is very close to lots of other great cameras, some from Canon itself, and most offer the 105's missing 720p video mode.

Otherwise, the 105 doesn't have a terribly long list of stand-out features. It's nicely made and takes good pictures, but it's not amazingly fast. The lens isn't amazingly long and there's very little for photographers who want to learn while they take pictures thanks to the omission of a manual feature.