BenQ GW2485TC USB-C monitor review: a simple monitor for the average worker

The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C is tailor-made for any office worker

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If you need a no-frills monitor meant for reliable office work, the BenQ GW2485TC USB-C monitor is a great choice for an even better price. With plenty of eye comfort features, highly adjustable, very lightweight, and a solid HD display, it's an excellent buy.


  • +

    Solid HD display

  • +

    Lightweight and easy to setup

  • +

    Plenty of ergonomic options

  • +

    The price is right

  • +

    Tons of eye comfort features


  • -

    Its color gamut isn't great

  • -

    Very plain looking

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The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C: Two-minute review

There are monitors made to impress with large display sizes and excellent specs, while others like the BenQ GW2485TC USB-C are meant for everyday users who need a reliable work monitor without all the frills. And this particular monitor has features that are meant to solely benefit those who are staring at its screen for eight hours a day while working on spreadsheets and documents, streaming videos, and being on conference calls.

With its ergonomic and lightweight design, maximized screen real estate, tools that enhance vocal performance, eye care features, and more, this is a contender for best monitor through and through and would be even better with the best cheap monitor deals.

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As the BenQ GW2485TC USB-C monitor itself, the packaging was simple and nearly effortless to unbox. There was only the foam and single plastic wrap around the monitor to contend with, and that was easily removable with only a single person doing it. The power cable and USB Type-C cable were included at the bottom and wrapped up as well.

Assembling the monitor itself is just as easy, with only three major components to worry about connecting. And no tools are required either, the pieces all slot in perfectly and stay connected even when you’re lugging it around the home or work office. Only the bottom piece for the support bases needs to be screwed in, and it already has the handle built-in to hand screw it.

The only quibble I have is that the monitor supports both HDMI and DVI inputs but only comes with the HDMI cable. Luckily I had both on hand to test them out with, but in 2023 it should have at least the DVI cable included in the box if it supports the output.

The monitor has a 1080p HD display with 16.7 million display colors, a PPI of 93, 72% NTSC color gamut, and a brightness of 250 nits, with no options for HDR. This makes the display more than adequate for any productivity work but not well-suited for precise creative projects. You can adjust the settings through the color management option in Windows 11, but there’s no quick access to changing any of these settings built into the monitor.

The thin bezels on the monitor help to maximize the screen real estate as well, so you can get nearly the full 23.8 inches of display. There’s also a healthy port selection including an HDMI 1.4 port, DisplayPort 1.2, a USB Type-C port, and Daisy Chain Technology for linking multiple monitors and even a laptop to the BenQ GW2485TC USB-C.

black monitor in an office

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The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C monitor has a solid and well-constructed build quality, impressive for its weight of only 6.2 kg (including the base). It also has an excellent suite of ergonomic options including a -5˚ to 20˚ tilt, a 45˚/ 45˚ swivel, a 90˚ pivot, and 130 mm height adjustment. The monitor itself takes up very little desk space, making it flexible for a wide variety of setups and space real estate. The only downside is that you’ll need to use zip ties to keep all the cables organized, which is a common issue for most monitors that don’t use a hub style like the Dell U2723QE.

In the back support of the monitor, there’s a small black button that, when pressed and held down, allows you to adjust the monitor to sit either in landscape or portrait modes. It’s a handy feature but a little clunky in practice as it takes a bit of effort to rotate the screen while keeping the button pressed down.

I found the BenQ GW2485TC USB-C monitor to be quite effective at what it does. Its plain black color and simple design blend it into the sea of other office monitors, but the ergonomic options put it above a lot of the other best budget monitor options out there, especially with how easy it is to maneuver around without compromising stability.

This is a 1080p HD non-curved monitor with a refresh rate of 75Hz and 5ms response time, not to mention the color gamut being only 72% NTSC, so it’s best not to expect a drop-dead gorgeous picture quality or the most accurate color accuracy. If you need a monitor for such a specialized function, it’s best to look elsewhere. But for daily use in an office setting, the display quality is quite good and you’re guaranteed some solid visuals and brightness that won’t let you down when editing basic images and layouts in Photoshop or Indesign.

The best feature of this monitor by far, however, is its suite of eye-comfort options. It comes with several modes like Care Mode, Reading Mode, and Coding Mode. The first lower brightness and color saturation for sensitive eyes, the second filters out harmful blue light, and the third pops out the code’s colors for easy readability and coding efficiency. There are plenty of other options like brightness adjustment depending on the lighting, and a flicker-free display to avoid eye strain.

As someone with a host of eye problems myself, I noticed the lack of strain on my eyes while using this monitor for several hours at a time. And with a brightness of 250 nits, it was well-lit enough for my office without glaring a ton of light into my eyes, which I really appreciated.

While there’s never a storage of premium monitors with excellent color gamut, refresh rates, 4K resolution, large display sizes, and more, the average office is most likely looking for something like the BenQ GW2485TC USB-C monitor. Something that’s easily assembled and portable, that looks professional enough for any office setting, and that features a wide variety of ergonomic options for just as many uses.

The crown jewel of this particular monitor is the eye comfort features that range from brightness and color contrast adjustment to blue light reduction and more. It’s truly a monitor made for the average person, with a solid price point to boot. For anyone wanting a high-quality monitor without all the fancy extras at a pretty affordable price, the BenQ GW2485TC USB-C is a solid bet.

The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C: Price & availability

  • How much does it cost? $229.99 / £209.99 / AU$339
  • When is it available? Available now
  • Where can you get it? Available in the US, UK, and Australia

The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C monitor is currently priced at a very reasonable $229.99 / £209.99 / AU$339, which is right in line for those needing a simpler display. And even better is that it's available in the US, UK, and Australia for equally reasonable pricing through the BenQ online stores and third-party retailers.

  • Value: 5 / 5

The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C: Specs

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BenQ GW2485TC USB-C specs
Screen size: 23.8 inches
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution:HD 1920x1080
Brightness:250 nits
Response time:5 ms
Viewing angle: 178
Contrast ratio:1000:1
Color support:72% NTSC
Inputs: HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, DisplayPort output, USB-C, Daisy Chain Technology
Dimensions21.3 x 7.3 x 14.6-19.7 inches (W, D, H)
Weight: 14.6 lbs

Should you buy the The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C?

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ValueIt's well-priced and offers a host of great features5 / 5
DesignA simple design and color, but also lightweight and ergonomic.4.5 / 5
PerformanceOffers tons of eye comfort features and stable but the specs aren't the best.4 / 5
Average ratingFor the price, you're getting a solid quality monitor that does everything it sets out to accomplish.4.5 / 5

Buy it if...

You want a budget monitor
This is the example of a budget monitor tailor made for productivity work, which is a good thing in this case. It keeps the price down by foregoing all the fancy aesthetics.

You need eye-strain reduction features
The sheer amount of features made to reduce eye strain for those using this for hours at a time is fantastic. A perfect fit for office workers, especially those with vision problems.

Don't buy it if...

You're looking for premium specs
Other than the ergonomic options and eye comfort features, you'll need to look elsewhere for a high color gamut or a resolution better than 1080p.

You want a pretty monitor
Keeping the price down means giving up some of the glam, meaning there's nothing visually impressive about this monitor.

The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C: Also consider

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The BenQ GW2485TC USB-CMonoprice 32-inch CrystalPro 4KLG 32UN880 UltraFine Display Ergo
Price: $229.99 / £209.99 / AU$339$339.99 / £599 / AU$1,203$699 / £599 / AU$1,203
Screen size: 23.8 inches32 inches32 inches
Aspect ratio: 16:916:916:9
Resolution:HD 1920x10804K (3840 x 2160)4K (3840 x 2160)
Brightness:250 nitsRow 4 - Cell 2 350 nits
Response time:5 msless than 5 ms5 ms
Viewing angle: 178178178
Contrast ratio:1000:13000:11000:1
Color support:72% NTSCRow 8 - Cell 2 DCI-P3 95%
Inputs: HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, DisplayPort output, USB-C, Daisy Chain Technology1 USB-C port, 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort, 2 USB-A Ports, and 1 USB-B portHDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, DisplayPort output, USB-C
Dimensions21.3 x 7.3 x 14.6-19.7 inches (W, D, H)28.1 x 25.5 x 7.3 inches28.1 x 25.2 x 16 inches
Weight: 14.6 lbs18 lbs22.7 lbs

Monoprice 32-inch CrystalPro 4K
This monitor is another surprising budget option, especially since it's 4K resolution, though you'll be paying extra for that feature. It's also highly adjustable and has a good port selection.

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LG 32UN880 UltraFine Display Ergo
Another somewhat cheaper option for a 4K display, though it's more than double the price of the BenQ GW2485TC USB-C. This one also boasts an adjustable stand and of course, the picture quality is gorgeous, though it doesn't offer true HDR.

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How I tested the The BenQ GW2485TC USB-C

  • I tested this monitor for a week in an office setting
  • I tested it during normal work days for several hours per session
  • I used it with a variety of work programs as well as gaming and creative work.

As soon as I was unboxing this monitor, I paid attention to the ease of unpacking and setup, as well as its weight, build quality, and stability once it was set up in my office space. Then I tested it every day for a week under normal work conditions for several hours per day.

This is primarily meant as a work monitor, meaning it would be used for productivity work, basic editing and creative projects under Photoshop and Indesign, and conference calls. It can also be used for low-end gaming that doesn't require a high refresh rate or response time.

Not only do I have prior experience reviewing PC monitors, I constantly use a wide variety of them and understand what makes a quality one work and why a low-quality one doesn't.

We pride ourselves on our independence and our rigorous review-testing process, offering up long-term attention to the products we review and making sure our reviews are updated and maintained — regardless of when a device was released, if you can still buy it, it's on our radar.

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First reviewed April 2023

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