Monoprice 32-inch CrystalPro 4K Monitor

The 32-inch CrystalPro monitor by Monoprice is a stunning, minimalist 4K display at a reasonable price

Monoprice CrystalPro
(Image: © Monoprice)

TechRadar Verdict

Monoprice's 32-inch CrystalPro Display has a great selection of ports, 65W PD, and a beautiful large display. Combined with a highly-adjustable stand, this display is a great productivity monitor.


  • +

    65W PD

  • +

    Four video input options

  • +

    Built-in USB-A Hub

  • +

    Low response time (<5ms)

  • +

    Highly adjustable monitor stand

  • +

    Beautiful 4K display


  • -

    Can't rotate to portrait without taking the monitor stand off

  • -

    External power brick

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Monoprice's 32-inch CrystalPro monitor is a beautiful 4K, 60Hz, 16:9 display with a clean design and functional stand, providing an excellent  consideration when searching for a new business monitor. There are four video inputs, allowing for multi-device usage if needed, alongside a built-in USB-A Hub that can be routed to a computer allowing for data passthrough. The included stand connects to the monitor via the VESA mount and allows for a great deal of adjustments, including some helpful cable management.


The 32-inch CrystalPro monitor came in three main pieces: the display itself, the monitor base, and the monitor arm. In addition to those three main components were a handful of cables, an external power brick, and some screws.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

(Image credit: Future)

We easily attached the base to the arm, forming the complete monitor stand, however while we were beginning to connect the monitor stand to the monitor, we discovered that the VESA mount was in a fixed position once mounted. Because of this, we could not rotate between portrait and landscape without unscrewing the VESA mount from the monitor and re-attaching it in the preferred orientation. 

First Impressions

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Back left of monitor (Image credit: Future)

Right out of the box, we were impressed with this monitor's lightweight and thin profile. The bezels were small, and the nameplate on the front was sleek and minimal. Looking at the rear of the monitor, we were pleased to see a USB-C port, two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, two USB-A Ports, a USB-B port, a headphone jack, and a power connector.


Screen Size: 32 inches

Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Weight (including stand): 18lbs

Ports: 1 USB-C port, 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort, 2 USB-A Ports, and 1 USB-B port

One minor frustration we have with this is that there was a barrel connector to power the monitor, leaving us with a power brick between the monitor and the outlet, making cable management more difficult but not impossible.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

(Image credit: Future)

Design and Build Quality

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

(Image credit: Future)

This monitor is very minimal and sharp looking in every way, offering a clean matte finish, helping to cut down any glare in a workspace, with the side and top bezels measuring under 6mm, while the bottom chin is 12mm bezel. 

The monitor stand is quite sturdy, even with the ability to easily adjust and reposition, and barely reacted to us raising and lowering the height of an electric standing desk.

In Use

Though unable to rotate, the CrystalPro's stand allows twisting for the monitor left or right while keeping the base steady. Additionally, we could move it vertically on the arm and even angle the monitor up or down. The inability to rotate the monitor to portrait mode was slightly frustrating, but it was not detrimental, especially with how much we could move it in other ways. Additionally, if we needed to put this monitor in portrait orientation, we could unscrew the four VESA mounting screws. However, that would require us to unplug the monitor, take it off our desk and place it face down. Once face down, we would need to remove the mounting screws, rotate the stand perpendicular, and reattach the stand. Finally, we would need to add the monitor back to our desk and plug it back in.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Monitor stand height adjustment (Image credit: Future)

We noticed that the VESA mount on this monitor was on the lower half of the monitor, which allowed for an overall raised viewing height with the monitor arms we used. The built-in stand is an excellent option to help bring the monitor to the correct ergonomic viewing angle, with the lower mounting position allowing the monitor to naturally sit higher than if the mounting bracket was in the middle, allowing for a raised viewing angle.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Monitor stand base (Image credit: Future)

We used this monitor with several different computers, connecting easily via USB-C, which would also charge our device thanks to the 65W PD, as well as granting access to the USB-A ports built into the back of the monitor.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Back right of the monitor (Image credit: Future)

When testing the HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, we were surprised at the lack of control with the HDMI port. When we plugged a laptop into the monitor via HDMI, we could not scale the display to the sizing and resolution we wanted. When the sizing was correct, the resolution was poor, and when we got the resolution to be what we wanted, the sizing seemed too small. However, plugging in via DisplayPort allowed us to resolve those issues, as we saw when connected via USB-C.

If your setup requires HDMI or DisplayPort and you still want to be able to utilize the built-in USB-A ports, you can do so by running a cable from the USB-B port on the monitor to a USB-A port on your computer.

It took us a minute to get familiar with the buttons on the back of the monitor designed to help adjust settings. We naturally found ourselves starting with the joystick and then using the on-screen prompts to navigate. 

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Monitor buttons (Image credit: Future)

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an effective and high-end business monitor, the Monoprice 32-inch CrystalPro is certainly worth considering. The build quality feels premium and long-lasting, and the built-in cable management helps keep a clean and organized workspace. The 32-inch screen allows multiple windows to be open simultaneously, and sharp image, built-in USB-A ports, and large display make this a great productivity monitor. 

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