Logitech unveils its most advanced generation of business devices

Logitech MX Combo
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Logitech has upgraded some of its most popular workplace products in a bid to help boost business efficiency for customers everywhere.

The company's MX Keys Combo keyboard has been upgraded from the previous model with a new multi-OS focus, with both Mac and Windows layouts built into a single keyboard. The upgraded keyboard has quiet scissor keys, as well as customizable F-keys, to allow greater user personalization, and also continues the ability to connect to three devices at once, with a toggle switch allowing users to switch when desired.

The MX Master 3S mouse offers an upgraded experience for business environments, encouraging near-silent clicks, and offering two scrolling options, free spin or line-by-line. Much like the MX Keys, the MX Master 3S is universally compatible and has three Bluetooth nodes, allowing multiple devices to be connected simultaneously and switched between. To allow for precise mouse movement on any surface, Logitech has included an 8K DPI Sensor, four programmable buttons and four gestures, allowing for maximum, customizable control over your workflow.

Logi Bolt

Logi Bolt is a new wireless technology with universal compatibility, upgraded Bluetooth signals, and security, allowing a steady and secure connection even in a busy, frequency-filled room. 

Connecting via a USB receiver, the technology combines Bluetooth LE (low energy) security protocols (FIPS) with Logitech security elements to create a secure wireless connection. Logi Bolt is also an excellent plug-and-play solution for those working from home, allowing IT departments to simply send instructions to turn on and plug in, no pairing necessary.

The MX Keys and MX Master 3S can also sync with a Logi Bolt receiver connected to a laptop that may not stay at any given workspace. This setup would theoretically allow a user to sit at a workstation and plug in a monitor/docking station. Then, they could seamlessly connect to this mouse and keyboard with one USB-A plug (perhaps even already plugged into the monitor/docking station).

“As we continue to expand our enterprise portfolio, what a great opportunity for advanced professionals looking to maximize output and increase productivity with MX Master 3S and MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2” Joseph Mingori, general manager of B2B for Creativity & Productivity at Logitech. “We design for today’s hybrid work with individuals in mind, offering a portfolio that meets the needs of IT departments and a diverse workforce.”

Previously only available separately, the keyboard and mouse have also now been repackaged as a single business unit, which can now be bought together from the company.

The MX Master 3S for Business and MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2 will be shipping September 2022 for $99.99 (£119.99) and $219.99 (£229.99) respectively.

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