• Contrast
  • Colour
  • Comprehensive digital media playback
  • USB recording


  • Lacks Freeview HD
  • Motion blur

Sharp's latest 32-inch TV is LED-powered and is cheap to boot. The edge-mounted backlight enables a depth of 46mm, which, while appreciably chunkier than the 10mm-and-under to which the true flatscreen aristocracy currently aspires, is nonetheless about half as thick as a comparable CCFL-lit set.

The fashionable diode technology is slightly overshadowed by the lack of that other must-have of 2010; a Freeview HD tuner. Although you wouldn't expect to find such a delight on a sub-£500 screen, it does leave the LC-32LE210E looking a touch out of date. Not that Sky or Virgin Media customers will care.

Almost as by way of an apology the LC-32LE210E does have something extra special in the shape of USB recording; slip a memory stick or external hard drive into its side and you can store shows from its digital Freeview tuner.

Although the operation manual for the LC-32LE210E suggests that there's also a 24-inch version, the only other alternative we could find on sale in the UK was Sharp's new 37-inch LC-37LE320E. Selling for around £700, this Edge LED-lit telly trades the LC-32LE210E's USB recording for a 100Hz panel. It's otherwise identical.

The real question you need to answer – if you're set on Sharp – is whether to go for this full HD, USB recording LED TV, or choose the LC-32DH510E, which can also record from USB, but does away with LED backlighting on a standard HD ready panel. Having road-tested the LC-32LE210E and seen it selling online for a mere £50 or so more, we can't see the LC-32DH510E lasting much longer.