• Internet@TV content
  • Freeview HD
  • 2D picture quality (SD & HD)
  • Pause/record TV to USB feature


  • Uncomfortable, unconvincing 3D
  • Uneven edge LED brightness
  • Gaudy design

Samsung's concentration on aesthetics and high-end features goes down very well in the mass market, but the 7 Series screen won't appeal to everyone. Design-wise, it's part stunning, part gaudy; a black frame with silver highlights is bookended by a mirrored strip along the bottom of the TV. There's also an unusual spider stand that's very reflective, though a screen this slim is surely destined for a wall.

A mere 26.5mm deep around the sides and only 29mm deep in the middle, the UE46C7000 – while not as slim as Samsung's 8mm-deep 9 Series – is impressively tiny.

An edge LED backlight helps create this slimness, but there's a lot more to the UE46C7000, including 3D, a Freeview HD tuner and Samsung's expanding Internet@TV service.

Elsewhere in the 7 Series are the 40-inch UE40C7000 and 55-inch UE55C7000. Also in the 7 Series are two plasmas, the 63-inch PS63C7000 and 50-inch PS50C7000, while slimmer sets lie higher-up Samsung's ranges.

In a move that sees all of its Series 7 and above screens fitted with virtually the same comprehensive feature set, slimness and finish appear to be the only differences.

The 8 Series measures 23mm in depth and comprises a 65-inch UE65C8000, 46-inch UE46C8000 and 40-inch UE40C8000, while the flagship, titanium-coloured 9 Series – which manage a startling 8mm – comprises the 46-inch UE55C9000 and 55-inch UE55C9000. Essentially, the UE46C7000 is a cheaper version of those, though it shows only in the outward design.