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Samsung LE46C750 review

An astonishingly affordable 3D TV with accomplished all-round performance

Samsung LE46C750
This LCD TV supports 2D-3D conversion so you can play standard DVDs in 3D


  • Very cheap for an active Full HD 3D TV
  • Good design
  • Bags of features
  • Impressive setup flexibility
  • Good 2D pictures mostly
  • Bright and colourful 3D pictures


  • Crosstalk noise with 3D
  • Very limited viewing angle

One day in the not too distant future, 3D will probably be a standard feature on TVs. But for now it's another one of those new tricks for which early adopters are expected to pay a heavy price.

Even the usually budget-minded Korean brands of Samsung and LG have so far failed to make the technology truly affordable, with both including it for hefty premiums on their most cutting-edge screens.

The LE46C750 3D, however, is the first serious attempt to make three-dimensional playback available to the less well-heeled. This 46-inch LCD model using standard CCFL lighting and retails for a mere £1,500, which isn't massively more expensive than many decently featured conventional flat TVs, and is considerably cheaper than any other 3D sets we've seen.

It's a lot deeper than any other 3D screens bar Panasonic's plasmas, but we suspect that a rather chunky cabinet won't bother cash-strapped movie fans in the slightest, provided the TV delivers on performance.