Samsung LE46C750 review

An astonishingly affordable 3D TV with accomplished all-round performance

Samsung LE46C750
This LCD TV supports 2D-3D conversion so you can play standard DVDs in 3D

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Although the 46C750 sounds a little unclear in its mid-range when driven hard, the audio mostly represents a big improvement over previous recent Samsung flat TVs, with decent levels of power helping to spread the down-driven sound across a decent amount of your room while also delivering a little bass - something that's been sorely missing from Samsung TVs for as long as we can remember.

There's no doubt about it: you're getting a lot of TV for your money with the 46C750. Given the hefty premium being slapped on most 3D TVs right now, being able to get an alternate frame 46in 3D TV with all of its 3D gubbins included (except the glasses, of course) built in for £1500 is a bargain.

Especially as the £1500 starting point will doubtless already be getting heavily discounted online, and the set is a surprisingly good all-round performer.

You do have to accept a degree of crosstalk noise, though the same is true to some extent of all LCD 3D TVs we've seen to date, including those costing many times more.

John Archer
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