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Philips 55PFL6007T review

Depth effects are anything but passive on this slender Easy 3D telly

Philips 55PFL6007T


  • 2D clarity
  • Easy 3D depth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Four pairs of 3D specs
  • 29mm depth
  • Freeview HD


  • Net TV lacks apps
  • 3D viewing angle
  • GUI needs streamlining
  • Crushed black levels
  • Average audio

Framed by a matte black bezel measuring a mere 11mm, this is a smart TV in multiple ways – and a bigscreen that means business.

It's easy to get blasé about the size of TVs, but at 55 inches diagonally, the Philips 55PFL6007T is one seriously big screen.

Philips 55PFL6007T review

Philips isn't a brand known for its great-value sets – the brand regularly concentrates on top quality and top prices – though the 55PFL6007T makes a play for both distinctions, at least if the inch-per-pound stats are taken into account.

With a depth of just 29mm and that tiny bezel, the 55PFL6007T is impressively dressed in as near to a timeless design as possible – and that's despite the use of plastic rather than the brushed aluminum that we usually find on a high-end Philips TV.

Philips 55PFL6007T review

Nevertheless, the 55PFL6007T includes some of the latest and greatest digital goodies; a re-designed Net TV interface, alongside Wi-Fi and 3D.

Philips 55PFL6007T review

The winner of the EISA Green Award for its power efficiency, the 55PFL6007T's most surprising feature is passive polarization technology, better known as Easy 3D, which ought to make for interesting watching on such a massive screen.

And, of course, this Edge LED has more LED lights than most such TVs; Ambilight, Philips' signature feature, is here presented as the two-sided Ambilight Spectra 2 system. Let the light show commence.

Philips 55PFL6007T review

Also available

The 55PFL6007T is king of Philips' 6000 Series, where it's undercut by the 32-inch Philips 32PFL6007, 37-inch Philips 37PFL6007, 42-inch Philips 42PFL6007 and 47-inch Philips 47PFL6007. The 32-inch and 37-inch models ship with two pairs of 3D specs, while the rest get four.

Featuring Philips' Pixel Precise HD processing, 800Hz Perfect Motion Rate (a 200Hz panel that's quadrupled here by a scanning backlight) and the active shutter 3D Max system is the 7000 Series, which comprises the 40-inch Philips 40PFL7007, 46-inch Philips 46PFL7007 and 55-inch Philips 55PFL7007.

Also here are slightly more powerful speakers and an extra HDMI, but only one pair of 3D specs.

The 40-inch Philips 40PFL8007, 46-inch Philips 46PFL8007 and 55-inch Philips 55PFL8007 make-up the 8000 Series and add both Perfect Pixel HD and an extra pair of 3D specs.

If you're only interested in the very best, you'll have to wait until November for the premium 9000 Series, which comprises just the 46-inch Philips 46PFL9707 and 60-inch Philips 60PFL9707.

The 46-incher includes the fabulous Moth Eye filter, and both have a Pixel HD Engine that also includes Micro Dimming Premium and Bright Pro.