Philips 55PFL6007T review

Depth effects are anything but passive on this slender Easy 3D telly

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Without the fineries of Philips' top-draw picture-processing tech, the 55PFL6007T can't muster reference-level picture quality – but its Easy 3D pictures, in particular, get pretty close.

Philips 55PFL6007T review

Net TV might only pass the minimum requirement test for a smart TV platform, but there's a lot to love about this massive telly.

We liked

3D is brought alive the by 55PFL6007T, which appears able to produce a depth that we've not come across before on a passive polarised TV.

Philips has achieved this by delivering in other parts of the picture; the 55PFL6007T has decent contrast, black levels, detail and especially smooth motion, which also contribute to an excellent 2D performance.

We disliked

The user interface feels Windows-like, and a touch too fussy, while Net TV is under-served both by apps and processing power.

Black levels appear strong, but crushed, with shadow detail missing and a 3D effect that fades badly at the flanks.

Considering Philips' usually impressive audio, we were also a bit disappointed by the relatively thin, harsh sonics.

Nor is upscaling anything to rely on.

Final verdict

Premium, though not reference, picture quality is on offer in a package that's only slightly marred by a lacklustre user interface and content-poor Net TV.

For anyone after as big a screen as possible for truly immersive Easy 3D – and perhaps the odd trip to a BBC iPlayer app – the good-looking 55PFL6007T is hard to beat.

Also consider

Other options in the 55-inch market include the slightly cheaper Toshiba 55VL963, which also includes passive 3D and a basic TV offering, though there's no integrated Wi-Fi.

The LG 47LM670T, also with passive 3D, is worth a look; it includes extra 3D specs, Wi-Fi and a more polished home-networking feature than this Philips.

For a good active shutter 3D alternative to this Philips, consider the Sony KDL-40HX753, which has a superior smart TV offering, too.