Panasonic tx l32x20b

The TX-L32X20B might not be the most advanced TV we've sever seen, but it and its ilk represent by far the largest chunk of the flat TV market. But while a lot of 32in LCD TVs are of poor quality, this Panasonic combines essential features with excellent pictures.

There's no Freeview HD tuner, but if you live in a non-HD area, use Sky or Virgin, or simply don't care about watching EastEnders in hi-def, that won't matter. By next year a Freeview HD tuner will be a default option in all TVs, but not yet – and for now it helps the TX-L32X20B hit a tempting price.

We liked

A wide viewing angle, excellent colour and as impressive contrast as you're likely this side of a LED-backlight (or, ultimately, a bigger plasma) make the TX-L32X20B an excellent choice if picture quality is your goal. Were also impressed by the above-average speakers.

We disliked

The lack of any notable digital media support beyond simple JPEG photos is enormously disappointing and while the provision of a SD card is a unique nicety, we'd rather see a USB slot. We also have concerns about the Guide+Plus interface for the TX-L32X20B's Freeview tuner, which is graphically weak and a long way behind the efforts of rival brands.

Final verdict

The lack of a Freeview HD tuner will probably prevent a lot of you selecting this model, but bear in mind that the vast majority of Panasonic TVs do have one; the TX-L32X20B is all about the bargain price – and produces a cracking picture for the money.

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