LG 19LD350

A couple of picture foibles aren't enough to hamper this great value 19-inch LCD TV

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  • User interface
  • 'Cinema' preset
  • Low price


  • Motion blur
  • Weak audio

The LG 19LD350 19-inch LCD TV doesn't look anything special on first inspection, with its low price and a fairly meaty depth (65mm) that confirms the absence of an LED backlight.

Despite a red strip across the bottom and a glowing blue 'on' indicator it's not exactly visually arresting, with the slim screen surround the design's high point.

The 19LD350 is all about usability. The floating graphical interface comprises eight shortcuts to its attractive menus, with easy access to inputs (only 'live' inputs are shown) including the USB slot.

From there, JPEG photos are displayed in double-quick time, while slideshows can be set to music; the 19LD350 can play MP3 music files, though –sadly– no video. That's a shame, because digital files such as DivX are best suited to a TV this size.

The eight-day EPG squeezes schedules for just five channels across two hours, though it redeems itself by being super-fast to operate and offering a now/next toggle button alongside a date switcher, which makes searching up to a week in advance a cinch.

The 19LD350 also has some cracking picture options, with an excellent 'Cinema' preset and all kinds of tweaking options.

A shame, then, that both the LCD panel and the speakers are of average quality. Freeview pictures appear soft, though clean and colourful, and while a Blu-ray player attached to the set's sole HDMI input provides pin-sharp visuals, the usual blur and judder takes the gloss off movies.

Colour is natural and contrast on the 19LD350 is pretty good, though there's a reasonably small viewing angle that sees blacks turn to grey from tight angles. Sound, meanwhile, is weak, with little in the way of low frequency audio.

A likeable effort from LG that excels in all areas aside from pictures and sound, where this 19-incher falls just short of expectations. If that's not of major concern to you at this size, there are few better TVs to curl up in front of.

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