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Logitech Wireless Speaker Adaptor review

Equip your hi-fi with Bluetooth connectivity and play tracks from your smartphone

Logitech Wireless Speaker Adaptor
Turn your hi-fi into a Bluetooth receiver with this great adaptor


  • Easy to set up
  • Works well
  • Cheap
  • Turns pretty much any hi-fi into Bluetooth-enabled device


  • Only pairs one device at a time

Streaming music wirelessly via Bluetooth is excellent. Pretty much all smartphones these days not only hold a hefty chunk of our music collection, they also have Bluetooth connectivity that enables music to be streamed to a compatible stereo.

It's so much easier than plugging in the phone via a cable - especially if someone were to ring you mid-song and you have to dash to unhook the phone before you miss the call. Bluetooth's high bandwidth serves to stream music almost without any noticeable loss of quality, over a greater range.

This all sounds great, but what if you have already spent hundreds of pounds on a stereo system that doesn't have Bluetooth? Sure you could buy a standalone Bluetooth-compatible speaker system, but most of them won't hold a candle to your favoured hi-fi.

This is where the Logitech Wireless Speaker Adaptor for Bluetooth Audio Devices comes in, and it works really well. Essentially all you need to do is plug this into your sound system via either phono or headphone jack and you've turned your hi-fi into a Bluetooth-enabled device.


This is a great tool for turning your Bluetooth tablet into a handheld music jukebox, or playing music straight from your mobile phone. It's easy to set up, works well and adds some great new functionality to your existing music setup. What more could you ask for?