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Ferguson FD1 Prism review

Available in some unique colours

You could mistake it for confectionary

Our Verdict

Looks good but doesn't have any stand-out qualities


  • Looks cute

    Easy to set up


  • Expensive

    Remote rather small

There's a touch of Bang & Olufsen about the unusual but stylish design of the Ferguson FD1 Prism - which looks like an endearing cross between a Toblerone and a Liquorice Allsort. It's a reasonably smaller adapter, if not exactly slim, but lacks LED readout of any description. If the standard grey doesn't appeal, it's also available in several unusual finishes, including wood and denim.

TVonics is pitching the Prism as primarily a 'second room' adapter, so don't expect to find much of note in the connections. There's a UHF loopthrough suitable for passing an analogue TV signal to a VCR which is joined by a single RGB capable 8-pin to Scart connector. There are no audio outputs, however, and no provision for Top-Up TV either.

The flat remote control isn't dissimilar to one you'd expect to find bundled with an AV projector. It sports an easy-to-follow button arrangement, but is rather small and thin and so it could get lost behind the sofa. The green-and-black menus reveal a modest array of options.

You can choose between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, with a letterbox option, PIN lock channels and check signal strength. There are no favourite's lists to speak of, but you can edit and re-order the main list of TV and radio channels.

The eight-day EPG appears as a full-screen overlay and includes a list of five channels at a time alongside programme information. This can be browsed at 24-hour intervals and you can also set programme reminders. There's no manual timer option. MHEG-5 interactive services are also supported and are fairly quick to load.

Picture quality is pleasingly sharp, although the FD1 does little to compensate for overly compressed-looking programming on channels such as Sky Travel. Sound is also reasonable via the Scart connection but, again, it's a shame there are no external audio connectors which would have benefited radio enthusiasts in particular.

But for all its designer looks, the FD1 Prism is a rather expensive 'vanilla' Freeview adapter, offering little not offered by adapters at half its price.